Building the IRATA-App using Gitlab CI

After finishing the first version of the IRATA Android App, the next was to integrate it in the Gitlab-CI process.

First I followed this approach for doing so. Unfortunately there were problems accepting the license agreements of the android sdk automatically. There are workarounds for this kind of problem, but they weren’t really that straightforward and the .gitlab-ci.yml got quiet long, as you can see here.

So after searching a while I found a suitable docker image here:

This great docker image already contains the complete SDK and worked out of the box. In additon the .gitlab-ci.yml file got quiet slim

compared to the one before. Now Continuous Integration works like a charm for the app. Of course it is by no means complete but for a start it works.


Okay, the first version of the app is ready and CI is running. Now its time to do some real integration testing by testing the app against the irata swarm.

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