Creating an Android-App with Android Studio


Since the AuctionService comfortably sits in its Docker Swarm it’s time to actually use it with a first version of the IRATA Android App. Which would also bring me a step closer to becoming a Full Stack Developer (at least a little one ;-)

For building the app I opted to use Android Studio . It is based on Intellij IDEA . Since I am more of a eclispse user I was curious on how easy or complicated the switch would be.


I installed Android Studio as described here. And it was very very easy. All the things you need are installed either directly or installed when you first run Studio.

For some quick first results I just followed this “First Steps” Tutorial and just altered the design and code of the app. It was quiet impressive how easy it is to get going with Android Studio.

The only thing I had trouble with is running or debugging my app using Virtual Devices from the Andorid SDK. Every now and then there would be problems either installing ths APKs or connecting to the device.

Usually wiping out the data using the AVD Manager did the trick though:


So the first rudimentary version app looks like this:

Screenshot from 2018-08-14 11-51-50

The app contains buttons for creating and deleting an auction as well as to bid on the auction as well. The source code can be found in the Gitlab-Repository

Next steps

Now that I have a first version of the app, the next step is to build it using gitlab ci.

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