Creating an Android-App with Android Studio


Since the AuctionService comfortably sits in its Docker Swarm it’s time to actually use it with a first version of the IRATA Android App. Which would also bring me a step closer to becoming a Full Stack Developer (at least a little one ;-)

For building the app I opted to use Android Studio . It is based on Intellij IDEA . Since I am more of a eclispse user I was curious on how easy or complicated the switch would be.

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The auction service (first try)

This post describes how I set up a first version of the auction service that serves as the basis for all my docker swarm examples.

The first version will be very basic. In alter iterations I plan to enhance the API so that it more and more resembles the behavior of the auction in M.U.L.E.

The git repository for the service can be found on gitlab: IRATA repository on Gitlab

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Creating the swarm

My machines are up and running so lets install a docker swarm

Activate swarm mode

The first thing to do is to create a master. In this case it will be the host
with the name silentmaxx

The output of this command neatly tells you what you have to do to add a worker:

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Setup machines for Docker

Setup machines for Docker

Now that vision and technology has been defined I start with setting up an environment for my project.

Setup the nodes for the cluster

Docker swarm needs at least three nodes (one master and two workers) in order to run.
These could be virtual machines or physical machines. You could even use Docker in Docker DinD to create the nodes of the swarm cluster.
There is a great post on how to do that here.

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